Welcome to Dr. Laurent Goubau


The Foot and Ankle Institute is pleased to announce the newest addition to its medical staff, Dr. Laurent Goubau. He is a full-time orthopedic surgeon, specialized in foot and ankle surgery.

Originally from Ghent, Belgium, Dr. Goubau graduated high school with several Belgian and Dutch national sailing championship victories. He finished his medical degree in Brussels, Catholic University of Louvain in 2010.

He has won the “best resident paper award” during the Belgian Society for Orthopedics and Trauma congress in  2014. One year later, his work as co-author with Dr. J-F Goubau about a new diagnostic test in de Quervain tenosynovitis, was awarded ” top 10 most downloaded paper” in the European  Journal of Hand Surgery, during the Milan conference in 2015.

After graduating in July 2016 as an Orthopedic surgeon at the Ghent University Hospital, he performed a fellowship with several worldwide leading Foot and Ankle surgeons.

In Switserland he worked together with Prof. Dr. Beat Hintermann and Prof. Dr. Markus Knupp, focusing on hindfoot pathology and total ankle joint replacements. He received a certificate of appreciation from Prof. Dr. Hintermann.

Fellowship with Prof. Dr. Beat Hintermann and his team in Liestal, Switserland

In the United Kingdom he was a fellow with Mr. Anthony Sakellariou, MD, FRCS and Mr. Matthew Solan, MD,FRCS. He learned about alternative treatment options in Hallux rigidus and ankle fractures.

Dr. Laurent Goubau has a special interest in minimal invasive surgery. Therefore he went to Spain, learning from pioneering surgeons in this particular field. In Murcia, Spain, he worked together with Dr.Mariano de Prado and in Barcelona he was teached by Dr. Eduard Rabat, Josep Torrent, Ramon and Antonio Villadot.

He has worked at Duke University, North Carolina, together with Dr. Selene Parekh, Dr. Mark Easley, Dr. James Nunley II and James de Orio.  In the USA the focus was on ankle joint arthroplasty.

Fellowship with Selene Parekh at Duke University, North Carolina, U.S.A.

He made a last stop at the University of Toronto, at st-Michael’s hospital working with Prof. Dr. Timothy Daniels, associate professor at U of T.

Dr. Laurent Goubau joined the “Foot and Ankle Institute” in Brussels, which is the largest (5 foot and ankle surgeons) group and also the leading team in Belgium with more than 15,000 patients and 1500 surgical procedures performed a year.

Dr. Laurent Goubau is member of the BVOT and the Belgian Foot and Ankle Society. He has published several international papers in peer reviewed journals.